More Than a Riot August 1965

A name mentioned in the Los Angeles newspaper is a huge thing for anyone, but for a young Negro woman in 1965, her name became associated with the explosive ‘Watt’s Riots’ in Los Angeles, California. As they say, “Everyone has a story” but for Joyce Ann Gaines, it was her life. She was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department as she was viewed as the agitator of that fearful event on August 11, 1965. By chance, Joyce Ann Gaines became the missing link sparking a memorable event from that decade. Many people since that era have come forth their way and after 49 years, that young Negro woman, Joyce Ann Gaines steps forth as the principle in her own story. In 1965, there were no Pill Donahue or an Oprah for this unsuspecting young woman to employ a stage for unanswered questions. In the documentary, The Joyce Ann Gaines Story;”More Than a Riot” produced by KoolWorldMedia Productions, this personal story of Joyce Ann Gaines returns to that era accounting details to her truth. Printed in black and white holds a ‘pigeon hold’ page in history as much false information was given out. Before society comes to the position to face realities of the urban community, we must view a very compelling story coming from Joyce Ann Gaines. The JAG documentary is her stage as we move closer to August 2015.



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